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Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Case Study

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Headquartered in Chicago, the Professional Convention Management Association's mission is to deliver superior and innovative education and promote the value of professional convention management. To work in conjunction with the Aptify awards application, the PCMA created an Award Form Builder in response to the numerous awards, grant requests, scholarships, and board nominations the staff distribute throughout the year. Individuals are awarded on a cyclical basis at various times annually, so PCMA created this tool to reflect all of the nomination forms and any changes or edits that happen to arise—all tying back to the Aptify system. 

“We wanted to be able to create something that the staff could utilize to create all the nomination forms for the different awards that PCMA has throughout the year,” says Jason Paganessi, Vice President, Business Innovation.

Fill out the form and click "Download" to see how PCMA developed the Award Form Builder to efficiently create and track nominations to award its members.

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