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Welcome to Aptify Berlin.

Uniquely designed. Intuitive. Mobile-Friendly.

Named for a city known for both its beauty and adaptability, Berlin is the latest release from Aptify. It's an association management system that's intuitive, modern, and easy to use. Through a fully browser-based and updated interface, you’ll have quick access to the information you need, right when you need it.




Quick Search

Work efficiently and without frustration by finding and opening the records you need directly from the search bar.


Easy Navigation

Interactive screens designed for less clicking allow you to save time and make more informed decisions faster.


Full CRM

Capture and track member and non-member interaction and demographic info in a single database so you never lose vital data.

Simplify your workday with effortless navigation.

Smart Icons

Newly designed icons and buttons make navigation a breeze.

Advanced Wizards

With the introduction of smart icons and a progress bar, advanced wizards act as your personal companion, guiding you seamlessly through your important tasks.

Snapshot Data

Single-page overviews provide at-a-glance insight into individual or company records.


Stay connected to the data you need. Anywhere. Anytime.

Connect Quickly

Berlin’s speedy login page has you instantly connected to Aptify and all your data.

Works with iOS and Android

Aptify Berlin plays nicely with your tablet device, providing you with on-the-go access wherever you are.

Stay Secure

Aptify provides secure access to data in the office, at home, or on the road.


Make better and more informed decisions with your data.

Smart Searching

Search results display the most relevant data based on your role and preferences.

Familiar Navigation

Berlin learns your behavior and feeds you direct navigation to tabs and screens you visit most, saving you extra clicks.

Reliable Reporting

Create the views and reports you need to drive your organization forward through advanced reporting capabilities. Tell the story you want, how you want, with the tools you want.

With the new navigation and web interface, our staff can access the system anywhere, which eliminates the need to connect to a VPN. And with the universal search, they’re able to quickly search and access data in one quick step. It would be difficult to imagine going back to using the smart client after using Aptify Berlin.

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