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Everything You Need to Know About Hosting Your Member Data in the Cloud

How Cloud Hosting can be a driver in your association

When you're searching for cloud hosting, it's challenging to find the right solution, with the right features, at the right price.

How do you know that the solution you choose is going to solve the problems you have now, and the problems that you'll experience in the next few years?

You can't predict the future, but with Aptify's Cloud Hosting, you get a team that can, and a resilient platform built from the ground up to be useful to associations running Aptify software.

Aptify Cloud Hosting provides a wide array of benefits any IT department needs to take into account:

  • Pros and cons of cloud hosting
  • Pros and cons of on-premise hosting
  • 9 key differentiators of Aptify Cloud Hosting, and how they benefit clients running the Aptify software
  • Benefits for your business's bottom line, including architecture, security, ROI, strategic planning, and more

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